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Llanelli ibc 2016/17 Winners

Open Fours 2017 - Sponsored by Co-operative Funeralcare

W.I.B.A.  OPEN FOURS  2016/17

Players to report 15 minutes before Start Time    IF YOU WITHDRAW YOU STILL PAY  RINK FEES

2nd & 3rd Rd.




5TH March 2017



5th March 2017

6.30PM at


Thursday 30th March

Sat & Sun.

8 / 9th April

Port Talbot


W.I.B.A. Rules apply.

Dress: Whites/Club coloured shirt.

Players are responsible  for green fees of £4.00 per player per round up to the Semi-finals.

Players not available, correctly dressed, at the appointed start time will be disqualified



Rinks to be drawn


& QTR Finals






R Burden

M Howells

D Williams

M Partridge






Singles: 21 Shots

(Semifinal & Final in Sets)

Pairs:     21 Ends

Triples:  18 Ends

Fours:     21 Ends

Trial Ends of 2 woods will be allowed.

All Games will be played i.a.w.

W.I.B.C. Laws of the Sport of Bowls.

All bowls must carry an valid in date stamp (17or later)

2nd Round

3rd Round

Qtr Finals



Radnor IBC

N Leigh                         (Cardiff)    21


                      N Leigh         9


                S Roff       22


   J Larke

   N Aldridge

   C Martin

    S Roff











J Cole

G John

M Gershensen

C Ackland





A Morris                  (Port Talbot)    16

S Roff                           (Radnor)    22


                      S Roff            20

M Cox                 (Port Talbot)        13

B Samson                   (Newport)     28


                     B Samson          28


            B Samson      9

M Bishop                     (Swansea)     17

A Phillips                     (Swansea)     19


                      A Phillips          4

A Dash                        (Taff Ely)         18

S Butler                   ( Port Talbot)    20


                     S Butler


            C Ackland       23



    J Cole

    G John

    M Gershensen

    C Ackland


M  Davies                       (Llanelli    14

D Richardson                    (Flint)     13


                    C Ackland

C Ackland                       (Sully)       17


Port  Talbot IBC

J Morgan                  (Swansea)     22


                     C Davies       19


           J Roberts         17

C Davies               (Heatherton )     26

J Price                      (Port Talbot)      19


                     J Roberts           24

J Roberts                 (Heatherton)     20

R Chisholm                (Swansea)          18


                          I Slade         14


          M Partridge        21




    R Burden

    M Howells

    D Williams

    M Partridge




R Burden

M Howells

D Williams

M Partridge


I Slade                           (Islwyn)          19

M Jones            (Merthyr Tydfil)       10


                        M Partridge     22

M Partridge                ( Llanelli  )       23

Llanelli  IBC

M Prosser                   (Rhondda)   W/O


                          M Prosser      13


          I Henderson     10

M Thomas                  (Taff Ely )    SCR

D Pollock                   (Pembroke)     10


                         I Henderson     22

I Henderson                    (Islwyn)     23

D Smith                      (Torfaen)        23

 4                        D Smith    18

                            S Harris    24


            S Harris        22



        A Davies

        R Ahrens

        B Jones

        L Stone



E Lloyd                        (Dinefwr)      19

S Harris                      (B Gwent)      23

D Harding                     (Cardiff)        20

H John                     (Heatherton)       8


                           J Breen     17


           L Stone        23

J Breen               (Cynon Valley)       25

L Stone            (Merthyr Tydfil)        25


                            L Stone     24

A Bradford                 (Newport)       11